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Toronto’s City Hall Perfectly Represents Toronto Itself

A few years ago, I took the train from Ottawa to Toronto. For whatever reason, I became transfixed at this portrait of Toronto’s city hall mounted to the front of the passenger car. I started at it for a minute … Continue reading

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Execute Order 66: The Royal Recommendation

I just stumbled upon something hilarious that combines my geeky interests in Star Wars and British parliamentarism. In Commonwealth Realms, the government must approve of any and all money bills and confer upon it the Royal Recommendation before parliament can … Continue reading

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Succession Planning

I hope, dear readers, that you’ll permit a departure from my normal pattern of blogging and article-writing and indulge me a bit here. My managers don’t appreciate the unintentional hilarity of assigning me to working on activities relating to succession planning.  While … Continue reading

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The Ontario Young Liberals Blur the Line Between Satire and Genuineness

I hope that my regular readers won’t mind that this post presents a cultural critique rather than the sorts of subjects on which I typically write. Those of you who have watched House of Cards (either the British version or … Continue reading

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“Lucky Pierre”, by Gilbert Bowden

I have expressed considerable skepticism toward Justin Trudeau, the hereditary leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, because he consistently denies the divisive nature of politics and thus, ironically, promotes the very cynicism that he claims to oppose and subverts … Continue reading

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