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The Demise of Responsible Government and the Crown Prerogative on Defence

Perilous Precedents: Parliamentary Approval of Troop Deployments Many scholars have lamented the Harper government’s alleged “abuse” of Crown prerogatives on prorogation and dissolution, and its overall attitude toward Parliament (i.e., the House of Commons). I of course disagree with the … Continue reading

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The True Nature of Crown Prerogative and Responsible Government

When PhDs Don’t Understand Westminster Parliamentarism The debates in Westminster parliamentarism on the role of Crown-in-Parliament vs. the Crown-in-Council mostly result from legitimate differences of interpretation of Crown prerogative, such as between Dawson’s and Forsey’s respective schools of thought. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Dawson and Forsey Clash on the Prorogation of 2008 and Over Responsible Government

Dawson v. Forsey on the Reserve Powers of the Crown I had a very intellectually stimulating discussion on Twitter last night with Dr. Johannes Wheeldon regarding the Prorogation-Coalition Crisis of 2008, the nature of Crown prerogative, the different implications of … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau Denies the Divisiveness of Politics

Strange Musings on Quebec’s Secession On Sunday, 12 February 2012, Justin Trudeau announced in a French-language interview that he would support the secession of Quebec in order to oppose and protect Quebec from the alleged right-wing policies of the Harper … Continue reading

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Minister Kenney on the Crown in Canada

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the indefatigable and earnest Jason Kenney, spoke to a small audience at an event organized by the Monarchist League – University of Ottawa Branch on 7 February 2012. Minister Kenney emphasized the Crown as … Continue reading

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