3. Where My Work Has Been Cited (2011-Present)

Materials in Which My Work Has Been Cited

A scholar’s relevance in and influence on his field should be measured not merely by his own publications, but also by how often other scholars cite his work, whether in support of it or in opposition to it; either form of engagement would show that he has contributed to the debate, and, hopefully, broadened the collective knowledge of his field. Here are the scholars who have cited my work from 2011 to present.


Aucoin, Peter, Mark Jarvis & Lori Turnbull. Democratizing the Constitution: Reforming Responsible Government. Toronto: Emond Montgomery, 2011.

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Walsh, Robert. On the House: An Inside Look at the House of CommonsMontreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2017.
[Even though the author and publisher refer to me here as “James Blowden”, thus inserting an errand ‘l’ into my surname, I’m still counting it.]

Yap, Po Jen. Courts and Democracies in AsiaCambridge University Press, 2017.


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Stewart, Fenner L. & Scott A Carrière, “Natural Resource Disputes and The Federal
State” in Trevor Tombe & Jennifer Winter, eds, Measuring the Contribution of Energy
Infrastructure: A Practical Guide (Forthcoming, 2019 – 2020).

Fournier, Julien, Patrick Taillon, Genevieve Motard, and Andre Binette. “L’Abdication du Roi Edouard VIII en 1936: ‘Autopsie’ d’une modification de la constitution canadienne.” Chapter 13 in The Crown and Parliament in Canada, edited by Michel Bédard and Philippe Lagassé, 353-403. Cowansville, Quebec: Editions Yvon Blais, 2015.

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Journal Articles

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[My surname was incorrectly rendered as “Bowen” on page 160, but it still counts. At least she spelled Nick’s name correctly.]

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Parliamentary Sources

Canada. Library of Parliament. Bill C-53: Succession to Throne Act, 2013, Michel Bedard. Ottawa: Parliament of Canada, 30 August 2013.

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Blogs, Newspapers, and News Magazines

The Canadian Press. King Charles III Now Canada’s Head of State After Queen’s Death.” 9 September 2022.

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RCI (Radio-Canada International). “Questions Raised about Canada’s Crown Succession Legislation,” 5 February 2013.

Referrals from University Libraries 

University of Regina’s Archer Library

“A research portal about Westminister parliamentarism. It is managed by a Canadian university student. It contains links to primary documents and his blog about current parliamentary activities in Commonwealth countries.” (accessed 2016-01-06)

Simon Fraser University’s Library

“Blog by James W.J. Bowden, an M.A. candidate at the University of Ottawa, contains fascinating analysis of current Canadian parliamentary practices and serves as a hub of research designed to encourage informal networks of peer review on Westminster parliamentarism. In addition to the blog commentary, look at James’ documents, some of which you may not find elsewhere.” (accessed 2016-01-06)

University Course Outlines

In this case, I wouldn’t say “cited” per se but rather that some of my work has been assigned as part of weekly readings within these course outlines.

Abu-Laban, Yasmeen. Political Science 442 and 542: The Canadian State and Identity Politics. The University of Alberta, Winter 2017.

Carbert, Louise. Political Science 4207/5207: Canadian Politics: Themes and Theories. Dalhousie University, Department of Political Science, 2013-2014.

Dyck, Rand. PSCI 4006A-5006F: Legislatures and Representation in Canada. Carleton University, Department of Political Science, Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2016, Fall 2017.

Good, Kristin. POLI 4207: Canadian Politics: Themes and Theories; POLI 5207: Advanced Seminar in Canadian Politics. Dalhousie University, Department of Political Science, Fall 2014.

Thomas, Paul. POL 490H1s – Topics in Canadian Politics I: Canadian Legislatures and Legislators. University of Toronto, Department of Political Science, Summer 2014.

Westmacott, M. Political Science 4405E/9749E – Legislative Politics. The University of Western Ontario, Department of Political Science, 2012-2013.

Wilson, Paul. PSCI 4809-B: Canadian Cabinet Governance in Comparative Perspective. Carleton University, Department of Political Science, January-April 2013.


I invite reasonable questions and comments; all others will be prorogued or dissolved.

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