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Thoughts on How We Translate the Caretaker Convention

This follows up on and adds to my earlier entry describing my talk on government formation to Professor Philippe Lagassé’s seminar on parliamentarism, which you can read here. When Phil and I were discussing the Privy Council Office’s Guidelines on … Continue reading

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Discussion on Government Formation at the University of Ottawa

Overall Impressions on the Discussion I thank my friend Phil Lagassé for having invited me to speak on government formation and the caretaker convention to his seminar on parliamentary government and parliamentary reform on 25 January 2015. I’ve uploaded my … Continue reading

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Succession Planning

I hope, dear readers, that you’ll permit a departure from my normal pattern of blogging and article-writing and indulge me a bit here. My managers don’t appreciate the unintentional hilarity of assigning me to working on activities relating to succession planning.  While … Continue reading

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Lament for A Dominion

I’m very grateful to C.P. Champion for having included my lament for the “Dominion of Canada” in the latest issue of The Dorchester Review. You can read it here: Bowden (2015) 1951: The Death of the Dominion You also read the primary … Continue reading

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