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Shocking Intelligence Leads to the Expulsion of a Traitorous Communist MP from the House of Commons

Introduction Startling revelations that foreign adversaries saw Canada a weak link in the Western alliance rippled through Ottawa after secret intelligence came to light implicating a sitting member of the House of Commons as a double agent who violated the … Continue reading

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The Caretaker Convention Gobbles Up More Time and Space: The Case of Prince Edward Island in 2023

Since 2015 or so, a segment of Canadian academics, the Privy Council Office in Ottawa and the various Executive Council Offices of the provinces, as well as the media, have decided to propagate a new, expansive, and mostly unfounded interpretation … Continue reading

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Prince Edward Island Holds Third Consecutive Early Election In Defiance of Fixed-Date Election Law

Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, advised Lieutenant Governor Antoinette Perry to dissolve the 66th General Assembly on 6 March 2023, for an election on 3 April 2023.[1] King had hinted as … Continue reading

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