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A Caretaker Convention in the United States?

This is of interest to me from a comparative perspective. I’m by no means an expert on the current practices in the American system of government. My analytics tell me that Parliamentum does have an appreciable American readership, so I hope that … Continue reading

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In Defence of Single-Member Plurality

Adopting a ranked ballot would in effect convert our single-member plurality into a system of single-member majority, like the electoral system for Australia’s House of Representatives, since it would still rely on single-member geographic constituencies and not party lists. Such … Continue reading

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The Trudeau II Government’s Electoral Teleology

The Liberal Platform and the Trudeau II Government’s Policy Proposal During the last general election, the Liberals pledged to study changing the electoral system from single-member plurality (also known pejoratively by its opponents as “first past the post”) to some … Continue reading

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Catching a Glimpse of a Long Forgotten Country: The Great Fire of 1916

On 3 February 1916, one hundred years ago today, a raging inferno consumed the original Center Block and left it a smoldering ruin and a gutted husk of its former glory. Seven perished in the deadly blaze. Only the Library of … Continue reading

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