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Quebec Unilaterally Exempts Itself from the Oath of Allegiance: The Demise of the Crown Reinforces Autonomist Nationalism

The New Nationalism in 21st-Century Quebec The recent demise of the Crown from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III has made the occasional flare ups of active derision toward constitutional monarchy the new normal state of affairs in Quebec … Continue reading

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The Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Bill and Henry VIII Clauses

The Opening Salvo in the Speech from the Throne: “Standing Up to Ottawa” On 29 November 2022, the Salma Lakhani, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, read a Speech from the Throne containing a pugilistic sub-section on “Standing Up to Ottawa,” … Continue reading

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Question Period and the “Administrative Responsibility” of Federal Ministers

The Moral Panic Over Ontario’s Invocation of the Notwithstanding Clause Breaks the Rules of the House of Commons The moral panic over the Notwithstanding Clause escaped containment in Toronto and spread to Ottawa on 2 November 2022. The federal House … Continue reading

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The Section 45 Constitutional Amendment Becomes a Vehicle for Provincial Autonomism

François Legault’s Nationalist Autonomism In 2021, the Government of Quebec began releasing its own “Administrative Consolidation of the Constitution Act, 1867 and the Canada Act, 1982” in 2021[1], which differed from and ostensibly rivalled the Department of Justice’s latest consolidation of the Constitution … Continue reading

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The Notwithstanding Clause Strikes Again!

Another moral panic against the Notwithstanding Clause has broken out and gripped the salons and cafes of Toronto in a repeat of the previous Panic of 2018;  Andrew Coyne outed himself yesterday as the Geraldo Rivera of this second wave.

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