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Michael Ignatieff’s Fire & Ashes: An Oath of Allegiance If Necessary, But Not Necessarily to the Queen

Ignatieff Reveals His Thoughts on the Oath of Allegiance and Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy In his new autobiography of his brief stint in Canadian politics, Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics, Michael Ignatieff couched his opposition to the parliamentarians’ … Continue reading

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Harper’s Fourth Prorogation Looks Much Like His First

I thank James Anderson for having published this column on National New Watch’s Featured Ink earlier today. Introduction Prime Minister Harper advised that the 1st session of this 41st Parliament be prorogued on 16 September 2013, and that the 2nd … Continue reading

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Will Wynne Pull a Harper? Fixed-Election Laws and Dissolution in Ontario

Wynne Reassures Ontarians That She Won’t Pull a Harper -Yet  In an interview with the Toronto Star, Premier Wynne assured MPPs and Ontarians that she would not advise an early dissolution if the Conservative Party of Ontario voted to oust … Continue reading

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The Government of Canada’s Position on Succession in 1937, 1943, & 1981

Introduction Since December 2012, Professor Philippe Lagassé and I have put forward some arguments on the nature of the Crown of Canada as a corporation sole and all that this legal concept entails for the royal succession and the emergence … Continue reading

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Premier Wynne Adopts Prime Minister Harper’s Tactics on Early Dissolution: Will the Media and Scholars Now Vilify Her Accordingly?

Harper Showed the Futility and Uselessness of Canadian-Style Fixed-Election Laws in 2008 As the CBC reported in late August 2008, Prime Minister Harper described the 39th Parliament as “dysfunctional”; in other words, he had judged that his minority government would … Continue reading

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