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A Day in the Life of the 32nd Parliament, Part II

Brian Mulroney responded to Pierre Trudeau with convivial good humour, and his half of the exchange provides an example of my observation yesterday that MPs in the 1980s often spoke to their counterparts directly in the second person. Mulroney’s jovial … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of the 32nd Parliament

The first televised proceedings of the House of Commons of Canada began in 1977, fully two years before C-SPAN began televising the United States House of Representatives. Our equivalent of C-SPAN, CPAC, has now uploaded online all the video footage … Continue reading

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Suspending The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick

New Brunswick provides an interesting case study in novel interpretations of how parliamentary government works and now in matters of the separation of powers between the executive and legislature. Liberal Premier Brian Gallant recently announced that he, as Liberal leader, … Continue reading

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New Brunswick’s Legislative Assembly Needs to Do Better

Public Records Must Be Freely Available  I discovered by attempting to research New Brunswick’s fixed-date election law that the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick has not uploaded its Debates, Journals, or committee transcripts online. All the other provincial and territorial … Continue reading

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Senator Meredith Must Trigger Section 30 in Order to Resign

Senator Meredith has announced his intent to resign his place in the Senate rather than go down in history as the first Senator to be expelled, rather than disqualified, from the upper chamber — rather like how Richard Nixon resigned the … Continue reading

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