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The Harry Potter Parliament: British Columbia’s 41st Legislature

A geeky, Obsessive Pop-Culture Disorder-like thought about British Columbia’s 41st Legislature just occurred to me. Whomever the assembly elects as its Speaker, and whether the Clark ministry survives or a Horgan ministry takes its place, the razor-thin margin between the … Continue reading

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O Canada, “Thou Dost in Us Command”

Senator Plett, a Conservative representing Manitoba, moved an amendment to the O Canada Bill on 18 May, which would still conform to the purpose of the bill (making the language gender neutral), but which would restore Robert Stanley Weir’s original … Continue reading

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Can the 41st Legislature of British Columbia Elect a Speaker?

A Hung Parliament and Revival of 19th-Century Norms British Columbians went to the polls on 9 May 2017 and appeared to elect a hung parliament. Elections British Columbia had to conduct some mandatory recounts and count absentee and other ballots … Continue reading

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The Provinces Show How Fixed-Date Election Laws Affect Dissolution by Efflux of Time

You can read my article on dissolution by effluxion here: Bowden, James W.J. “When the Bell Tolls for Parliament: Dissolution by Efflux of Time.” Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law 11, no. 1 (2017): 129-144. As sometimes happens with writers, I only noticed … Continue reading

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My Presentation on Canada’s Legal-Constitutional Continuity at the Constitution at 150 Conference

I thank Professor Matthew Harrington for having invited me to present at this Constitution at 150 Conference, and for having organized such an interesting series of talks from 16 to 18 May. In this entry, I provide an account of … Continue reading

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