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What Is It About Dissolution That Everyone Finds So Confusing?

I’m posing this question seriously, because I genuinely don’t know the answer to it. It truly baffles me. But what I do know is that Canadian journalists and scholars don’t seem to understand the implications of our various federal and … Continue reading

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Ontario’s Next General Election Has Only Just Been Scheduled for June 2018

On this subject, I raised the ire of various journalists who accused me of that cardinal sin of pedantry. If I’m pedantic, then they’re obtuse. To declare that a law has been amended even before the government has tabled the … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau Makes John Pepall’s Case Against Electoral Reform

On 19 October 2016, Le Devoir, the most erudite newspaper in Canada, published a very interesting interview with the Prime Minister, “Trudeau ne garantit plus une reforme electorale majeure.” Trudeau II unwittingly made John Pepall’s case. In his 2010 book … Continue reading

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Finally, A Media Outlet Writes an Accurate Story on Ontario’s Next Provincial Election!

  The Canadian Press finally wrote a factually correct and accurate story pertaining to the timing of Ontario’s next general election. The election is currently set for the fall of 2018, but the Liberal government wants to avoid conflict with … Continue reading

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Do Journalists Who Cover Ontario Politics Know When the Next General Election Is Scheduled?  

I have yet to encounter a political journalist in Ontario who will state initially and independently, without further prompting, that the next general provincial election is in fact still scheduled for October 2018 and not for June 2018 that they … Continue reading

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