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Constitutional Scholarship or Political Activism? The Role of the Academy Following the Coalition-Prorogation Crisis of 2008

Introduction The line between academia and scholarship on the one hand and punditry and activism on the other has become increasingly blurred in Canada, especially in the wake of the coalition-prorogation crisis of December 2008. Recent works like Democratizing the … Continue reading

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The Origins of Centralizing Executive Authority in the Prime Minister

Introduction The scholarly consensus on cabinet government in Canada argues that from Prime Minister Trudeau’s first government (1968 to 1979, the 20th Ministry) onward, the powers of the prime minister have become more centralized relative to both those of cabinet … Continue reading

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The Liberal Party’s “Roadmap to Renewal” Leads To Closed Primaries

The Liberal Party of Canada has elaborated on its plans to hold something akin to an open primary in the selection of its next leader in the Roadmap to Renewal. I mentioned the proposal in an earlier entry before the … Continue reading

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The Royal Line of Succession: Coordinating Amendments to the Act of Settlement in the 16 Commonwealth Realms

Introduction The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM, pronounced “Chog-m”) convened in Perth, Western Australia at the end of October. The Commonwealth Heads of Government discussed, among other issues, the Cameron government’s legislation to amend the Act of Settlement, 1700. … Continue reading

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The Cameron Government Will Adopt a Clarity Act for Salmond’s Referendum on Scottish Independence

The Independent has reported that the Cameron government will put forward legislation that will either preempt or set the ground rules for Alex Salmond’s referendum on Scottish independence. The Cameron government would even call it “The Clarity Act”, like our … Continue reading

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