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Do Journalists Who Cover Ontario Politics Know When the Next General Election Is Scheduled?  

I have yet to encounter a political journalist in Ontario who will state initially and independently, without further prompting, that the next general provincial election is in fact still scheduled for October 2018 and not for June 2018 that they … Continue reading

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Execute Order 66: The Royal Recommendation

  I just stumbled upon something hilarious that combines my geeky interests in Star Wars and British parliamentarism. In Commonwealth Realms, the government must approve of any and all money bills and confer upon it the Royal Recommendation before parliament … Continue reading

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The General Federal Election of 2019 Will Be First-Past-The-Post

Introduction Kady O’Malley’s column in the Ottawa Citizen of 27 August 2016, “A Lot Would Have to Happen If There’s A Referendum on Electoral Reform,” contained some bizarre, false premises on the nature of electoral law, from the electoral system … Continue reading

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The House of Commons Should Not Authorize Military Deployments

On 8 September 2016, Maxime Bernier criticized the Trudeau II government on his official Facebook group for having decided not to put the deployment of the Canadian Armed Forces to UN operations in Africa to a vote in the House … Continue reading

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