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A Mature Country Does Not Demand Absolutist Party Discipline

The Dorchester Review recently published my article last month “Party Discipline and the King Doctrine”, in which I recount a brief history of party discipline in Canada over the last century, the Reform Act, and the significance of what we … Continue reading

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Some Additional Thoughts on the 2019 Election: When Should a Party Leader Resign?

The last few days have featured a plethora of news articles calling Andrew Scheer’s leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada into question. Ipsos-Reid claims that 63% of Canadians want him to resign[1] (though given that only 34.4% of Canadians … Continue reading

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The Ontario Young Liberals Blur the Line Between Satire and Genuineness

I hope that my regular readers won’t mind that this post presents a cultural critique rather than the sorts of subjects on which I typically write. Those of you who have watched House of Cards (either the British version or … Continue reading

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Lack of Punctuation Turned the “Progressive Conservative” Parties into Oxymorons

The Conservative Party of Canada has undergone several name changes throughout its history. From the 1860s to the early 20th century, the forbearer of the modern political party called itself the “Liberal-Conservative Party”. The hyphen denotes the merging of two … Continue reading

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