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The Old House of Commons Chamber (1866-1916)

  While I was browsing at the Astrolabe on Sparks Street two days ago (which, sadly, is closing down soon), I happened upon this neat photograph of the old Canadian House of Commons, taken in 1898, 18 years before the … Continue reading

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Ontario’s Next General Election Has Only Just Been Scheduled for June 2018

On this subject, I raised the ire of various journalists who accused me of that cardinal sin of pedantry. If I’m pedantic, then they’re obtuse. To declare that a law has been amended even before the government has tabled the … Continue reading

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Kathleen Wynne’s Fairy Tale of the Invincible Premier

In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Premier Wynne responded to the lingering suspicions that she will soon resign as leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario and as Premier of Ontario with a novel theory on the authority … Continue reading

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