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The Prime Minister of Ontario Was Also a Member of Provincial Parliament

Introduction Ontario has paradoxically always held itself as superior to the other provinces yet also as the quintessential representation of Canada itself: Ontarians are the most likely of all Canadians to refer to and think of themselves as Canadian only, … Continue reading

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Premier Marois Copies Prime Minister Harper: The Futility of Fixed-Date Elections Laws

Introduction Notwithstanding Quebec’s new fixed-date election law, Premier Pauline Marois of Quebec advised the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the 40th Legislature on 5 March 2014, while the assembly was adjourned on recess and even though Marois’ single-party minority Parti Québécois … Continue reading

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Toronto Newspaper Attacks the Undemocratic Centralization of Power in the Prime Minister and the Corrupt, Unelected Senate

I’d like to thank James Anderson and National News Watch for having published my column on putting the current parliamentary scandals into historical perspective. “The Power of the Prime Minister” In “The Power of the Prime Minister”, the editorial board … Continue reading

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“Prime Minister of Ontario”: The Old Title of Leslie Frost and John Robarts

In the English language, three titles within Commonwealth Realms refer to the same office of head of government: “first minister,” “premier,” and “prime minister.”  One of my correspondents informed me of a fourth title found within the Commonwealth of Nations: … Continue reading

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“In Vogue to Prorogue?” CBC’s At-Issue Panel on Prorogation

On 18 October 2012, Peter Mansbridge, Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, and Bruce Anderson discussed McGuinty’s prorogation on CBC’s At-Issue Panel, from about 7 minutes to 10 minutes in the video. The panellists also discussed the Harper government’s second omnibus budget … Continue reading

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