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George Brown and Canada’s Manifest Destiny

Introduction The Globe and Mail prides itself as the paper of record in Canada, much like The Times of London for the United Kingdom, and it is not an undeserved appellation. The Globe and Mail’s and Globe’s archives provide an … Continue reading

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Happy Dominion Day! Let’s Celebrate the Incoherence of “Canada at 150”

The July 1st Specials Happy Dominion Day! Or “Happy Canada Day” to the uninitiated. Here are some my articles and blog posts pertaining to the celebrations on July 1st.

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The Politics of Prorogation in Canada

Sample for Upcoming Issue of The Dorchester Review The Trudeau II government has confirmed that it will proceed with pushing through changes to the Standing Orders of the House of Commons pertaining to prorogation, as Aaron Wherry has reported. I first … Continue reading

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The “1867 As Year Zero” School of Canadian History

John Boyko’s Book on John A. Macdonald Historian John Boyko appeared on The Agenda with Steve Paikin on 30 May in order to promote his new book, Sir John’s Echo: The Voice for a Stronger Canada. Boyko presents this warmed … Continue reading

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O Canada, “Thou Dost in Us Command”

Senator Plett, a Conservative representing Manitoba, moved an amendment to the O Canada Bill on 18 May, which would still conform to the purpose of the bill (making the language gender neutral), but which would restore Robert Stanley Weir’s original … Continue reading

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