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The Harper Government’s (Probably Unconstitutional) Bill on Succession to the Crown

The Parliament of Canada has just updated the Notice Paper of the House of Commons. The Minister of Justice will soon table a bill relating to succession to the Crown called An Act to assent to alterations in the law touching … Continue reading

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Conservative Partisans Celebrate the Wrong Date! Transitions Between Ministries in Canada

Prime Ministerial succession does not occur automatically and instantaneously under our constitution, but only after a transition of two to three weeks, after the outgoing Prime Minister has tendered his formal resignation to the Governor, and after the Governor has … Continue reading

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The McGuinty Government Repeals a Law While Parliament Is Prorogued

In one of its last acts as a Ministry, the McGuinty Government has promulgated section 20 of the Putting Students First Act and thus secured its repeal — all while the provincial parliament is prorogued and in an intersession. I … Continue reading

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The Monarchist League of Canada’s Flip-Flop on Succession to the Crown

The Monarchist League of Canada includes a helpful section on its official website dedicated to debunking, in a concise manner, some of the common myths and misconceptions toward constitutional monarchy. In “Myths About the Monarchy,” the Monarchist League offers a … Continue reading

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Why Altering the Succession Requires a Constitutional Amendment

The Rules Governing Succession Will and Kate are expecting their first child in 2013, which has made succession an important political issue in the United Kingdom, and in the 15 other Realms that recognize Elizabeth Windsor as Queen. In the … Continue reading

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