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Defining Canada’s Constitution: Canada Did Have One Before Trudeau and 1982!

Part of my research includes studying the unwritten constitution. When Americans refer to their constitution, they mean one complete and concise document; while Americans can frame a copy of their constitution and hand it on a wall, Canadians cannot, because … Continue reading

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The King’s Speech

I thought that this documentary “George VI: The Reluctant King” would prove of interest.

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“Irresponsible Government” and the American System

“The American people may have voted for divided government, but they didn’t vote for a dysfunctional government,” said President Obama in his live address on the debt ceiling.  The recent impasse between the White House and Congress over the controversy … Continue reading

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Two Swords and One Inch Apart?

If you’ve ever taken an official tour of the Parliament of Canada, the guide will normally present the House of Commons in the antechamber and explain the overall seating arrangements – that the government sits to the Speaker’s right, and … Continue reading

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Crowned Maces in the Legislatures of South Carolina and Virginia

I chose a British parliamentary mace as the header for Parliamentum, because the mace represents the Crown-in-Parliament (sometimes called the Queen-in-Parliament) and the authority of the Speaker and of the House of Commons to pass laws; it always points toward … Continue reading

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