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A Star Goes Supernova: Julie Payette Resigns as Governor General

This week, we have seen the departure of a disgraced, self-serving petulant bully who left executive office with one last closing salvo of bitter recrimination and disavowal of personal responsibility for having created a toxic, dysfunctional workplace that showed absurdly … Continue reading

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Thomas D’Arcy McGee and the Vice-Royalty of Canada

The Dorchester Review has just published my piece detailing how Thomas D’Arcy McGee advocated between 1858 and 1864 establishing a new branch of the Royal House of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha in the Kingdom of Canada, with a separate line of … Continue reading

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PROC Examines the Retroactive Prorogation Rationale After All

PROC decided to study the Retroactive Prorogation Rationale (Sessional Paper 8560-432-1261-01_e) in 2020 after all. Committees tend not to update the official transcripts (Evidence) until two weeks later, so I misinterpreted and missed some of these developments last month by … Continue reading

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PROC Sentences the Retroactive Prorogation Rationale to a Quiet Bureaucratic Death

Sometimes I forgot to follow up on these developments right away, and the obscura and minutia on which I normally focus here on Parliamentum usually goes unreported in the press, too. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and … Continue reading

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The Trudeau Government’s Retroactive Prorogation Rationale Under Standing Order 32(7)

Introduction In my previous post, I recounted how the House of Commons had added in Standing Order 32(7) in June 2017, on the initiative of the Trudeau government and its parliamentary majority at the time, which now obliges the government … Continue reading

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