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Peter H. Russell Now Agrees With Me: What Happens When a Governor General Rejects a Prime Minister’s Constitutional Advice

For the last eight years or so, I have stated in numerous blog posts, presentations at conferences, my thesis, and several journal articles the basic precepts of the established constitutional position of the governors and prime ministers under Responsible Government. … Continue reading

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A Star Goes Supernova: Julie Payette Resigns as Governor General

This week, we have seen the departure of a disgraced, self-serving petulant bully who left executive office with one last closing salvo of bitter recrimination and disavowal of personal responsibility for having created a toxic, dysfunctional workplace that showed absurdly … Continue reading

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Premier Marois Copies Prime Minister Harper: The Futility of Fixed-Date Elections Laws

Introduction Notwithstanding Quebec’s new fixed-date election law, Premier Pauline Marois of Quebec advised the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the 40th Legislature on 5 March 2014, while the assembly was adjourned on recess and even though Marois’ single-party minority Parti Québécois … Continue reading

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David Onley Defends Responsible Government

Introduction I’d like to thank David Watson of the Ottawa Citizen for having published my and Nick MacDonald’s column, “Onley Provides Much Needed Education.” It follows up on our earlier column from October 2012, “McGuinty Had Every Right to Prorogue,” … Continue reading

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Conservative Partisans Celebrate the Wrong Date! Transitions Between Ministries in Canada

Prime Ministerial succession does not occur automatically and instantaneously under our constitution, but only after a transition of two to three weeks, after the outgoing Prime Minister has tendered his formal resignation to the Governor, and after the Governor has … Continue reading

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