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An Unlawfully Long Writ Rewards the Incumbent and Will Be Allowed to Stand

Elections Newfoundland & Labrador announced the results of the ill-begotten election on Saturday at 1030 Eastern Daylight Time. The Liberals have won a bare majority of 22 out of 40 seats in the House of Assembly, where the Furey government … Continue reading

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The Over-Zealous Caretakers of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2021

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Caretaker Guidelines from 2019 A few weeks ago, I received a report from one of my readers that some departments of the government of Newfoundland and Labrador have decided not to answer questions from journalists on the … Continue reading

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Gerontocracy in the United States vs the Rise of Generation X in Canada

Since the fall of 2019, I have read a series of articles in mid-brow American news magazines lamenting that a crop of aging politicians born in the 1940s, these Soixante-Huitards and the tailend of the Silent Generation, maintain their deathgrip … Continue reading

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Picking Up the Shards of the Office of Governor General: A New Advisory Committee Created

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Following Up on the Office of Governor General: Documents Not Gazetted

Even without catchy buzzphrases like “deliverology” and “Open Government,” the Government of Canada published more official documents in the mid-20th century than it does today simply out of a sense of common decency and an understanding that liberal-democratic countries must … Continue reading

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