Succession Planning

I hope, dear readers, that you’ll permit a departure from my normal pattern of blogging and article-writing and indulge me a bit here.

My managers don’t appreciate the unintentional hilarity of assigning me to working on activities relating to succession planning.  While I’m sorely tempted to submit this little blurb as a joke, I doubt that anyone here would appreciate the humour in it. But I’m sure that some of you will!

The Rule of Recognition means that the succession plans of the Department of Health of the United Kingdom apply automatically to Health Canada. But by convention, Health Canada should submit a briefing note to the Executive Committee assenting to the succession plans of the British Department of Health.     

If only my assignment could be that easy! If only I could submit a facile joke as a legitimate piece of work and then cloak this stupidity in legalese in a vain attempt to legitimate it. If only I didn’t actually have to do the research and work of coming up with a coherent, logical succession plan that didn’t throw the rest of the organization’s HR planning exercises into doubt.

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