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The Queen’s Annual Christmas Message

Introduction I wish you all a very happy Christmas and hope that this blog entry finds you well. Last year in “A Parliamentarist’s Christmas,” I explored the influences of ecclesiastical architecture on the neo-Gothic style of the Centre Bloc of … Continue reading

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Only the Governors or Royals Should Confer Honours Upon Deserving Canadians

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has officially made a mockery of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by awarding one to Justin Bieber, who in turn made the ceremony even more undignified by not having the courtesy to wear a suit. Harper … Continue reading

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Alexander Hamilton Recommended Responsible Government in 1788

Alexander Hamilton’s “executive packet” of The Federalist Papers (67-77) provides learned historical and comparative analyses of the Constitution of 1787 relative to the British system and to the systems of government in the several American states. Hamilton’s strong grasp of … Continue reading

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The Contradictory American Presidency: Why An Elected Executive Head of State Can Only Be a Divider, Not a Uniter

Authority Makes the Presidency Unifying as Head of State; Power Renders Him Divisive as Head of Government When campaigning for the presidency, George W. Bush, then Governor of Texas, famously proclaimed, “I’m uniter, not a divider.” I aim to show … Continue reading

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Abolishing the Crown of Canada: Political Difficulty versus Constitutional Significance

Christopher Moore, a Canadian author and historian, runs a blog called “History News,” which used to appear on my blogroll until I reciprocated Moore’s gesture of deletion. Yesterday, he wrote “Abolishing the Monarchy – What, Like It’s Hard?” in response … Continue reading

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