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More on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act

Originally posted on The Norton View:
The Prime Minister has announced she will be asking the House of Commons tomorrow to vote for the motion ‘That there shall be an early parliamentary general election’.  She correctly stated the provisions of the…

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British Prime Minister Theresa May Calls *For* An Early Election Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act

British Prime Minister Theresa May made an announcement outside of 10 Downing Street and has just called for an early general election. But she has not “called” an early general election — because the British Prime Minister no longer possesses … Continue reading

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Which Are Better: Endnotes or Footnotes?

First, I’m sure that we can agree that Chicago-style notes are vastly superior to the stupid in-text citations of APA. Incidentally, since Cambridge University Press journals use Chicago while the Oxford University Press journals mandate some ghastly in-text citations, we can conclude that Cambridge … Continue reading

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Tony Blair’s Canadian Style of Prime Ministerial Government

The British would certainly not say outright that Tony Blair governed like a Canadian prime minister, because it would be beneath the Mother Country to acknowledge one of her former Crown colonies as having provided an example in government. But that is the best … Continue reading

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Senator Pratte’s Doublespeak on the Two O Canadas

This country has, in fact, two national anthems: the original French O Canada, which has remained unchanged since 1880, and Weir’s English version of O Canada. The two anthems say completely different things and bear no resemblance to one another, … Continue reading

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