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Dawson and Forsey Clash on the Prorogation of 2008 and Over Responsible Government

Dawson v. Forsey on the Reserve Powers of the Crown I had a very intellectually stimulating discussion on Twitter last night with Dr. Johannes Wheeldon regarding the Prorogation-Coalition Crisis of 2008, the nature of Crown prerogative, the different implications of … Continue reading

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Parliamentarians and National Security

My friend and co-author Nick MacDonald wrote “Parliamentarians and National Security”, for the Canadian Parliamentary Review. The Parliament of Canada has traditionally deferred to the government on matters relating to national security although parliamentarians have, on occasion, vied for the … Continue reading

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Constitutional Scholarship or Political Activism? The Role of the Academy Following the Coalition-Prorogation Crisis of 2008

Introduction The line between academia and scholarship on the one hand and punditry and activism on the other has become increasingly blurred in Canada, especially in the wake of the coalition-prorogation crisis of December 2008. Recent works like Democratizing the … Continue reading

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