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Policy Options and Electoral Reform in Quebec

Some of you might be interested that Policy Options published “Quebec Poised to Adopt Proportional Election System,” an updated version of my piece on why Premier Legault is serious about switching Quebec to mixed-member proportional representation; some of you might not. I … Continue reading

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The Legault Government Might Actually Implement Mixed-Member Proportional Representation in Quebec

Judging from some recent reports in Quebec’s French-language press, I think that there is a good chance that Premier Legault’s government will in fact pursue electoral reform and that the National Assembly will switch Quebec’s provincial electoral system from single-member … Continue reading

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More on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act

Originally posted on The Norton View:
The Prime Minister has announced she will be asking the House of Commons tomorrow to vote for the motion ‘That there shall be an early parliamentary general election’.  She correctly stated the provisions of the…

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Justin Trudeau Makes John Pepall’s Case Against Electoral Reform

On 19 October 2016, Le Devoir, the most erudite newspaper in Canada, published a very interesting interview with the Prime Minister, “Trudeau ne garantit plus une reforme electorale majeure.” Trudeau II unwittingly made John Pepall’s case. In his 2010 book … Continue reading

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The General Federal Election of 2019 Will Be First-Past-The-Post

Introduction Kady O’Malley’s column in the Ottawa Citizen of 27 August 2016, “A Lot Would Have to Happen If There’s A Referendum on Electoral Reform,” contained some bizarre, false premises on the nature of electoral law, from the electoral system … Continue reading

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