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Justin Trudeau Has Made Prorogation Great Again

Update: The Government House Leader tabled the Retroactive Prorogation Rationale in the House of Commons on 28 October. Introduction On 19 August 2020, the exigencies of a minority parliament and global pandemic brought about the first prorogation of the Parliament … Continue reading

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Errol Mendes Ventures Across the Sea To Slay A New Conservative Dragon

Now that the Liberals have formed government under Prime Minister J. Trudeau for four years, Errol Mendes, Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa, had to venture across the seas in search of new Conservative dragons to slay. And … Continue reading

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Sir John Major’s Hypocrisy on Prorogation: The Courts Have No Authority to Stop It

Something about prorogation seems to bring out a toxic mixture of anger and ignorance. Brexit and Prorogation The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, 2011 put the prerogative over dissolution as well as the established constitutional position of the Queen and Prime Minister … Continue reading

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No Prorogation: The Long Parliamentary Sessions in Canada and the United Kingdom

Introduction The 42nd Parliament of Canada and the 57th Parliament of the United Kingdom have something in common: both of these current parliaments (as of 9 June 2019) are still on their first sessions. In Canada, no one but me … Continue reading

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Repealing a Statute While the Legislature Is Prorogued: Henry VIII Sleeper-Cell Clauses in Ontario

The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law has just come out with its latest issue in which a short article of mine appears. Also, I’ll have to find out whether David Bowden and I are related. Similar Posts: A Law … Continue reading

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