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An Account of Prorogation Similar in Principle

I see that my ideas on both prorogation and the constitutional relationship between the First Minister and Governor have taken hold in a wider academic audience, as Dr. Radha Persaud has shown in his column, “Prorogation: A Matter of Restraint.” … Continue reading

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The Wrong Way to Limit a Premier’s Power to Prorogue: Why Catherine Fife’s Bill Is Unconstitutional

My column appears in iPolitics under the title, “The Wrong Way to Limit a Premier’s Power to Prorogue.” I am grateful to Doug Beazley for having published it in the “Insight” section. The controversial prorogation of former Liberal Premier Dalton … Continue reading

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David Onley Defends Responsible Government

Introduction I’d like to thank David Watson of the Ottawa Citizen for having published my and Nick MacDonald’s column, “Onley Provides Much Needed Education.” It follows up on our earlier column from October 2012, “McGuinty Had Every Right to Prorogue,” … Continue reading

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The McGuinty Government Repeals a Law While Parliament Is Prorogued

In one of its last acts as a Ministry, the McGuinty Government has promulgated section 20 of the Putting Students First Act and thus secured its repeal — all while the provincial parliament is prorogued and in an intersession. I … Continue reading

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A Law Can Be Repealed When Parliament Is Prorogued? Delegated Legislation and The Separation of Powers in Ontario

Introduction For a brief few minutes on January 3rd, I thought that the Minister of Education of Ontario, Laurel Broten, had inadvertently revealed that Premier McGuinty would advise the Lieutenant Governor to recall the legislature by the end of January … Continue reading

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