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The Strange Americanism of Canadian Libertarians

Introduction  Since 2011 when I attended one of the Institute for Liberal Studies’ Liberty Summer Seminars (LSS), I’ve noticed that Canadian libertarians often demonstrate a strange American streak, and that their understanding of constitutions and systems of government are steeped … Continue reading

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Why The Finance Minister Is the Most Important After the Prime Minister

  Introduction If you asked Canadians, Britons, or Australians which minister is the most important after the prime minister, you would almost invariably get the same answer: the Finance Minister — known as the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the … Continue reading

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A Caretaker Convention in the United States?

This is of interest to me from a comparative perspective. I’m by no means an expert on the current practices in the American system of government. My analytics tell me that Parliamentum does have an appreciable American readership, so I hope that … Continue reading

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The People’s Republic of Alberta: Alberta’s Very Unparliamentary Style of Politics

The American Custom of Press Conferences and Opposition Responses Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once explained to an American audience on C-SPAN what differentiated a Westminster parliamentary system from the American presidential system. At 21 minutes into the interview, … Continue reading

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Presidents Shouldn’t Play the Game of Thrones

By Convention, Lèse-Majesté Applies to the American Presidency Game of Thrones has sparked a feigned moral outrage because a prosthetic likeness of the head of President George W. Bush appears on a pike alongside Lord Eddard Stark’s, if only for … Continue reading

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