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O Canada, “Thou Dost in Us Command”

Senator Plett, a Conservative representing Manitoba, moved an amendment to the O Canada Bill on 18 May, which would still conform to the purpose of the bill (making the language gender neutral), but which would restore Robert Stanley Weir’s original … Continue reading

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“Thou Dost in Us Command”: Senate Considers Restoring Original Lyrics of O Canada

The upcoming issue of The Dorchester Review will include my article “O Canada and the Two Solitudes,” in which I review the history of the parliamentary debates on altering the lyrics to the English anthem, from 2002 to early 2017. … Continue reading

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You Can Now Watch the Liberals Expunge Dominion Day from Canadian History

CPAC has recently done Canadians a great public service by uploading all the video footage of the proceedings of the House of Commons from its debut in October 1977 to present. As such, we can now see for ourselves how the Liberals … Continue reading

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Senator Pratte’s Doublespeak on the Two O Canadas

This country has, in fact, two national anthems: the original French O Canada, which has remained unchanged since 1880, and Weir’s English version of O Canada. The two anthems say completely different things and bear no resemblance to one another, … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau Will Make Prorogation Great Again

I don’t want to pre-empt my upcoming longer article on this subject, so I will boil down this subject to its essence. The Liberals pledged in their election platform from 2015 that they would never use prorogation for purely political … Continue reading

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