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Voting in the 44th General Federal Election and Forming a Government Thereafter

Casting and Counting Ballots Canadians not amongst those who voted in the advanced polls in record numbers shall go to the polls today (myself included) to elect their MPs for the 44th Parliament. However, Elections Canada has cautioned that we … Continue reading

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The Caretaker Convention in Newfoundland & Labrador in 2019

The Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law published my and Lyle Skinner’s piece on recent developments concerning the Caretaker Convention in Newfoundland & Labrador, including the Executive Council Office’s Guidelines from 2019 (similar to those of PCO in Ottawa) and … Continue reading

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Extreme Risk Aversion: The Caretaker Convention in 2021

Prime Minister Trudeau advised Governor General Mary Simon to dissolve the 43rd Parliament of Canada and issue the writs of election on 15 August 2021. The Privy Council Office marked the occasion by releasing another edition of its Guidelines on … Continue reading

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The Over-Zealous Caretakers of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2021

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Caretaker Guidelines from 2019 A few weeks ago, I received a report from one of my readers that some departments of the government of Newfoundland and Labrador have decided not to answer questions from journalists on the … Continue reading

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1896: Tupper & Laurier Debate the Role of Governor General and Popular vs Parliamentary Sovereignty

Introduction   On 8 July 1896, Governor General Lord Aberdeen forced Prime Minister Sir Charles Tupper from office by refusing to promulgate his constitutional advice and sign off on Orders-in-Council to summon senators and make other appointments. Tupper sought to fill … Continue reading

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