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How the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act Complicates Brexit and An Early General Election

Fixed-Term Parliaments Act Introduction Various British MPs like Jacob Rees-Mogg and journalists like Peter Hitchens have called for an early general election in the wake of Leave’s victory in the Brexit referendum and Prime Minister Cameron’s announcement that he will … Continue reading

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Discussion on Government Formation at the University of Ottawa

Overall Impressions on the Discussion I thank my friend Phil Lagassé for having invited me to speak on government formation and the caretaker convention to his seminar on parliamentary government and parliamentary reform on 25 January 2015. I’ve uploaded my … Continue reading

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Premier Wynne Adopts Prime Minister Harper’s Tactics on Early Dissolution: Will the Media and Scholars Now Vilify Her Accordingly?

Harper Showed the Futility and Uselessness of Canadian-Style Fixed-Election Laws in 2008 As the CBC reported in late August 2008, Prime Minister Harper described the 39th Parliament as “dysfunctional”; in other words, he had judged that his minority government would … Continue reading

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The Confidence Convention in Ontario: How the Standing Orders Kept the Wynne Government in Power

I’d like to thank James Anderson for publishing a slightly abridged version of this column on National News Watch. Introduction Proponents of democratic reform in Canada focus their efforts at the federal level and have overlooked Canada’s most populous province. … Continue reading

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Alexander Hamilton Recommended Responsible Government in 1788

Alexander Hamilton’s “executive packet” of The Federalist Papers (67-77) provides learned historical and comparative analyses of the Constitution of 1787 relative to the British system and to the systems of government in the several American states. Hamilton’s strong grasp of … Continue reading

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