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Who Made This Statement About Government Formation in Minority Parliaments?

“Whichever party gets the most votes and the most seats, if not an absolute majority, has the first right to seek to govern, either on its own or by reaching out to other parties.” I hope that the Canadian media … Continue reading

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Professors of Law Motard & Taillon Challenge Canada’s Succession Law

Patrick Taillon and Genevieve Motard, Professors of Law at Laval University, have filed a motion to institute proceedings of declaratory judgement in the Quebec Superior Court against the succession law that Parliament hastily rushed through in March 2013. Taillon and … Continue reading

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My Presentation on Fixed-Elections Laws at the Canadian Political Science Association

I am enjoying my stay in Victoria this week for the Canadian Political Science Association’s Annual Conference, though visiting British Columbia reminds me of how living in Alaska felt: like you’re permanently late and behind schedule, because everything important in … Continue reading

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