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Collective Ministerial Responsibility and Censure in Australia

One of my Australian readers commented on the previous post and linked to House of Representatives Practice, the Australian equivalent of O’Brien and Bosc’s tome, and its commentary on the censure of an individual minister. Prime Minister and other Ministers From time … Continue reading

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On Collective Ministerial Responsibility and Impeachment

Introduction: Ian Brodie’s Article in The Dorchester Review Ian Brodie, one of Stephen Harper’s former chiefs of staff who served him both as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and as Prime Minister, contributed an interesting article to the most recent … Continue reading

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1841 or 1848: When Did Responsible Government Begin?

The latest issue of The Dorchester Review contains my first little foray into this question of when Responsible Government began;  I hope to expand this initial contribution into a larger project. For now, you can read my initial findings here. The idea came … Continue reading

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Stop Appealing to the Governor General To Overthrow Responsible Government

Introduction Members of Parliament on the Opposition benches need to stop asking the Governor General of Canada and the Queen of Canada to overthrow Responsible Government. This should go without saying, but, alas, it does not. Responsible Government has so … Continue reading

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Harper’s Fourth Prorogation Looks Much Like His First

I thank James Anderson for having published this column on National New Watch’s Featured Ink earlier today. Introduction Prime Minister Harper advised that the 1st session of this 41st Parliament be prorogued on 16 September 2013, and that the 2nd … Continue reading

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