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Some Thoughts on National Parks in Canada and the United States

I just overdosed on pseudo-profound American exceptionalism and Tocqueville-inspired democracy babble in this preview for Ken Burns’s PBS documentary on America’s national parks. I thoroughly enjoyed Burns’s documentaries on the US Civil War, Prohibition, and Roosevelts, but based on this … Continue reading

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On Collective Ministerial Responsibility and Impeachment

Introduction: Ian Brodie’s Article in The Dorchester Review Ian Brodie, one of Stephen Harper’s former chiefs of staff who served him both as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and as Prime Minister, contributed an interesting article to the most … Continue reading

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Toronto Newspaper Attacks the Undemocratic Centralization of Power in the Prime Minister and the Corrupt, Unelected Senate

I’d like to thank James Anderson and National News Watch for having published my column on putting the current parliamentary scandals into historical perspective. “The Power of the Prime Minister” In “The Power of the Prime Minister”, the editorial board … Continue reading

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Blogrolls *Are* Endorsements: Excellent and Interesting Blogs on the History and Practice of Westminster Parliamentarism

No practice in social media has made me bristle with indignation more than this ubiquitous and irritating phrase on Twitter, “Retweets are not endorsements.” You may also have seen the qualified, Mackenzie King-style version, “Retweets are not necessarily endorsements” (which … Continue reading

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Your Canada, Your Constitution Denies the Statute of Westminster and Patriation

Introduction Your Canada, Your Constitution (YCYC) has published the second of what may become a series of installments derived from the unscientific, inaccurate push poll that Harris-Decima conducted on its behalf between May 10th and May 20th. The constitutional sophists … Continue reading

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