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The Trudeau II Government’s Electoral Teleology

The Liberal Platform and the Trudeau II Government’s Policy Proposal During the last general election, the Liberals pledged to study changing the electoral system from single-member plurality (also known pejoratively by its opponents as “first past the post”) to some … Continue reading

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Paul Dewar Dodged My Question on Section 52 and Over-Representation of Quebec

The Canadian Study of Parliament Group held its fall business seminar earlier today, and the second panel discussion featured Professor of Law and former Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs of Quebec, Benoit Pelletier; former Liberal cabinet minister and the second Liberal … Continue reading

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My Column in the National Post on the New Democrats’ Unconstitutional Bill to Give Quebec Fixed Proportion of Seats

Here’s my less hasty take on the New Democrats’ anti-constitutional policies on electoral redistribution. I had forgotten to mention Section 52 of the Constitution Act, 1867! The National Post also published this as a column entitled, “Favouring Quebec in Parliament … Continue reading

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The New Democrats’ Anti-Constitutional Stance on Electoral Redistribution

Recent statements of Thomas Mulcair and Nycole Turmel on electoral redistribution are not only wrong, but contradict the Constitution Act, 1867. Yet so far, neither the Harper government itself nor the Parliamentary Press Gallery have called them out. In the … Continue reading

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Two Swords and One Inch Apart?

If you’ve ever taken an official tour of the Parliament of Canada, the guide will normally present the House of Commons in the antechamber and explain the overall seating arrangements – that the government sits to the Speaker’s right, and … Continue reading

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